6 Benefits of Cabbage in Your Nigerian Diet

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Cabbage has a valuable nutritional content. Its juice is an excellent source of vitamins K and C – amongst several others. It is not only good for your health but also beneficial to the hair and skin. Cabbage has been proven to make hair grow stronger and also act as an anti-aging agent.


Here are 6 Benefits of Cabbage

1. Cabbage juice detoxifies the liver

It helps proper bowel movements thereby keeping the liver in good condition.


2. Cabbage juice boosts the immune system
Its high content of vitamins C makes the immune system stronger and able to fight off harmful pathogens and free radicals.


3. Cabbage juice aids glowing skin
It helps to flush out toxins from the body, thereby turning dull looking skin into glowing skin.


4. Cabbage juice helps in reduction of undue weight or prevention of obesity
According to research, cabbage juice can be very effective in helping you reduce kilos if drunk on a daily basis. It purifies the upper section of the intestines which promotes the elimination of waste substances from the body thus helping with digestion.


5. Cabbage juice cleanses and clears the kidney to get them working like new
Due to its high content of sulfur and vitamins C, it enhances the performance of the kidney and helps it remove toxins easily.


6. Helps with cancer prevention
Lastly, years of research has helped proven that cabbage contains a compound called DIM which is a cancer prevention agent, limiting exposure to series of cancers like breast, lung, colon, stomach and prostate cancer.

And on a final note, I’ll like to let you know that cabbage juice is absolutely good for reflux, heartburn or any form of acidity in the stomach.

I was glad when I got this information because months ago, my husband developed reflux and suddenly he couldn’t eat spicy food or large meals or eat late at night. This eating habit triggered the acidity in his stomach and thankfully, as I was researching the benefits of good veggies around us, I found it!!

We had tried taking all forms of juices like pawpaw, watermelon e.t.c., but they didn’t provide a permanent solution. However, they offered only temporary relief until I decided to juice up cabbage.

He took it morning and night for 2 weeks and suddenly it was gone! We have since stopped taking its juice as too much of everything could be bad for you.


If you discover that you are prone to heartburn, stay away from spicy foods.

I hope this article has encouraged you to regularly include veggies in your diet, if it has helped you in any way, let us know by commenting on our page. Until I my next article, stay healthy. #CookWithKemi #lovecook


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