About Me

As a food lover.. I feel hurt when people refer to cooking as ‘sebi onje lasan ni’ I.e is it not just food?…food goes beyond just cooking,it not only affect our physical body but affects the total well-being of a person. Haven’t you noticed that when you are hungry ,you are angry? That’s it!!

Food is for the total well being, the body,the soul and the mind. What makes my cooking special is  love.  Adding a dose  of love into every meal you prepare  makes it special.

My Love For Food

As a lady who grew up in the western region of Nigeria my mum used to make soup restricted to the Yoruba cuisine, However, my mum bless her soul, was a caterer who loved creativity.

I can still remember my siblings and I waking up to the aroma of freshly baked bread, pies, cakes, cookies etc. I have memories of her making corn chips (kokoro) for us..mehn!! We use to love it! But when it comes to soups, I guess she just stuck to the old momma yoruba dishes. Mum I love you.

Yes, back to my story. I grew used to eating the usual, ewedu, Efo riro, okra and sometimes egusi ( which was rarely made in our home). But as I got older, schooling at a university away from home, I travelled a lot within the shores of Nigeria while trying out all sorts of food around the country. Also, during my service year (God bless Nigeria for introducing the National Youth Service Corps), the idea of going to serve in another region of the country had its own benefits.

I served at a state in the northern part of the country where I practically tasted and tried all thier delicacies. My love for food is something that always baffles people that know me because you will see me and hardly see food written all over me. In fact, a friend commented one day “you are the only caterer I know that is not big'” and I smiled!!!

Yes! I love food. I love cooking.

Cooking for me is not just eating anyhow, the ingredients that goes into it matters most and I have discovered that Nigeria is blessed with rich blend of food and soup which one can draw nutrients from, so I began to explore.

Fortunately for me, I got mouths to cook for, starting from my siblings. Being the second amidst six kids, I started my experiment with them, gradually graduating to doing little dishes and asking friends over to eat while gisting. Doing birthday dishes, Christmas, New year dishes (you know our Nigeria na!).

Jollof rice and fried rice with a flare… oo lalaaa!!!

Until finally, I met my main “taster”, my husband; who fortunately for me is half Yoruba and half Edo but conversant with the Igbo tribe dishes…Over the years, he has helped put a flare into my research on the Igbo dishes.

So my taster came and I had more reason to cook with excitement and large a dose of love.

Note, I’ll like to emphasize here that cooking without even a pinch of love as its main ingredient is not good enough. So my advice is to always add large doses of love into your cooking. Mommas, women, ladies,girls… it’s a major ingredient every cook must have.

The joy on the faces of people that eat it, the level of satisfaction, the appreciation that comes afterwards will give you a sense of peace that is worth it.

So follow me as I take you on a cooking expedition, budget cooking and of course where love is the principal ingredient.


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