Efik Vegetable Soup -Edikaikong [Waterleaf+spinach]


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Hi friends. Welcome to another food adventure. Yes, I did something today and I decided to share it with you my co-food lovers. The last time I posted edikaikong, it was done with the usuals ( pumpkin and waterleaf vegetables) .But today, I stumbled on something new , so I decided to share it with you, my fellow foodie!!!

I was going to make afang soup but I needed some key ingredient which I could not lay my hands on… and I am all for some veggies tonight, so I made ‘spinach- waterleaf edikaikong’

Never tried these two combination for edikaikong soup before but the turn- out was wow!!

Waterleaf is a common leaf around us in Western Nigeria and it seems to be handy since it’s available at every corner of the street. In fact, one of my mother’s reason for not being a fan of waterleaf is that, she believes it a leaf that grows everywhere even in the unexpected places

But wait until you use this leaf to cook, you will discover that its taste and nutritional benefits far outweighs its advantages, if any.

One of its nutritional benefits includes, acting as a mid laxative, which help to rid the body of any irregularities and restore the body to normalcy. And this, I have tried to influence upon the mind of a friend of mine who believes ‘ Eastern Nigerian vegetable soups are too leafy’ – in her words… But in actual fact, vegetables are the real deal.

And I must confess that since she has tasted my edikaikong, she has had a change of mind. Lolzzz!!!

Edikaikong soup is a soup enjoyed by the Igbos.it is a leafy soup that can be enjoyed by everyone. And this spinach -waterleaf combo is very delicious, if I must say so myself

So let us cook…


Method of Cooking Edikaikong Soup

Getting started

Cut the vegetables and rinse out the dirt with water

Clean the smoked fish and the ponmo. Set aside

Blend the peppers roughly and set aside. You can skip this step if you are using the grounded dry pepper

Clean and season the beef with a little salt, seasoning, an onion. Cook until soft. When the meat is almost cooked, add the washed stockfish into the pot to release its flavor into the meat stock.

Next, add the washed water leaves, allow to cook for like 3-5minutes. By this time, it would have brought out quite a lot of water, enough to cook the edikaikong soup, then add pepper, palmoil, leave to cook till the oil absorb into the soup

Add crayfish and ponmo, stir to combine.taste and adjust for salt and seasoning. Leave for 5 minutes to cook

Finally, lower the heat of the edikaikong soup, then, add the spinach leaves. Stir and cover the pot and allow the spinach leaves to steam with the rest of the ingredient for a minutes or two

Afterward, taste again and adjust seasoning accordingly, if need be.

Then its done!!!

Serve hot with any swallow of choice. Yummy!

Remember we always love to read from you, so if you have ever used this recipe or decide to make yours tonight (wink)…do let us know by leaving your comment below

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