How To Make a Tasty Hotdog Sauce Recipe

Welcome to our blog post again! Today is all about hotdog sauce… It is made from chicken sausages and may be served with pasta or white fluffy rice.

It is a quick recipe that requires little time to whip up and can be classified under 10 minutes meal and also pocket /budget friendly

So let’s get cooking…

Hot dog sauce·

Hotdog Sauce Quick recipe

You will need…

Chicken sausages
Blended pepper
Onions -chopped
Garlic- crushed
Runner beans
Chicken stock
Seasoning cube
Veg oil
Shredded chicken (optional)

Methods of preparing Hot dog Sauce

Add vegetable oil in a sauce pan

Add onions and garlic.. Allow to saute

Add the pepper. Allow frying

Add the diced sausages, and shredded chicken

Add the chicken stock and stir.

Lastly add the diced tomatoes and the green beans

Allow to steam with the sauce for 2 minutes

Then serve…

I ate mine with white fluffy rice and beans….yum😋

Do you like what you see?

Nigeria rice and beans with hotdog sauce and gizdodo

Nigeria rice and beans with hotdog sauce and gizdodo


I do hope you will try out this Nigerian hotdog sauce recipe and also leave your comments on it
  • Till my next recipe, share our recipes and keep cooking with a large dose of love. #cookwithkemi#lovecook

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