How To Make Groundnut Soup – Omisagwe

Peanut Soup

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Groundnut soup is a very popular dish in most southern and northern part of the country, Nigeria. To the Etsakos, it is known as ‘omisagwe’ but to the northerners, it is called ‘miyan Zogale’, which is a very medicinal soup due to the ‘moringa’ leaves included.

Naturally when I go to the igbo women stall at our local market, and I see new items, I ask what it is used for. My curiosity usually excite them and my ‘mama’- as I call her, was more than ready to give me her groundnut soup recipe

Simply put, groundnut soup can be a lovely alternative to our regular egusi soup. It is a soup, that I must agree with ‘mama’ I have been missing out on.

So delicious, easy and simple to make. I recently came to the agreement that with food, all you need is to be experimental. Nature has provided us with all we need as food, so here it is. We are going “groundnutty” today.

I must confess she ‘mama’ has been telling me about it for quite some time now and thank God I eventually made it. And my recommendations? I think groundnut soup is made for all… Aside from the people that are nut intolerant, it’s a goal for anyone. It is a sweet savoury dish.

So let us cook

Recipe for groundnut soup

How to prepare the groundnut soup

Blend the peppers with the onion

Clean meat, seasoning with salt and seasoning cubes then boil.

If you are using raw groundnut, you may roast the groundnut with the uzuza seed for like 3-5 minutes on medium heat. This is to release the aroma and the oil in the spices.

Using a blender, blend these two together into powder form

But if it roasted groundnut you are using, skip the roasting part. Just blend groundnut and uzuza seed together.

cookwithkemi tips: I have found that with peanut soup, the taste of the roasted groundnut is not as nice as the raw one, so my advice is to use the raw one
When meat is cooked, pour in your pre-wash stock and smoked fishes

Allow them to cook with the meat for about 5 minutes so as to infuse their flavour into the meat stock
Add palm oil, leave to boil so as to blend in.

Note: the highlight of this soup is that it needs minimal palm oil since groundnut in itself contains oil.
Add blended pepper, crayfish, stir, season and leave to cook for 5 minutes

Add grounded nuts powder and a cup of water

Allow the groundnut to cook, check interval as it thickens, might need a further cup of water. This should be between 10-15 minutes.

Reduce the heat, then add the chopped ‘efirin’, allowing to cook for 2-3 minutes. Stir and taste for salt, seasoning and adjust accordingly.

Remove from the heat and serve with rice, pounded yam or ‘garri‘. Enjoy!!!



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