How to Cook Lemon Rice

Lemon has both culinary and non-culinary uses. But today, I will be writing on its culinary uses. I have always known that lemon is beneficial to health because its a rich source of vitamin C and contains powerful antioxidants. I sometimes use it in desserts, drinks, and salads; it provides a tangy sour taste to food.

But lemon rice? I hadn’t tried that.

So, I went to visit a friend of mine last month on a Sunday afternoon and I was presented with this lemony yellow-colored rice which makes your taste buds tingle by its mere looks. I got to work on it, and it was yum yum…

I asked for its recipe, tried it at home, gave my ever ready taster at home and it was great. I present to you my own lemon rice recipe with a bit of a twist.

Lemon Rice Origin

Lemon rice is a tasty, tangy South Indian rice dish. It is a famous rice recipe that makes a great one-dish meal perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner.

The cooking process is slightly similar to the Chinese fried rice except that the spices used are different and lemon rice can easily be thrown together in a hurry using leftover rice.

Before we cook, here are some of the reasons we need to add lemon to our dishes:


Benefits of Lemon

• Lemon supports weight loss
• Lemon aids digestion
• Lemon promotes hydration
• Lemon improves the skin quality largely due to its high vitamin C content
• Lemon aids in the prevention of kidney stone

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