Miyan Taushe – Nigerian Pumpkin Soup

miyan taushe

Miyan Taushe is a Pumpkin soup popular among the Hausas in Nigeria (Northern parts of Nigeria). It is prepared with ripe pumpkin meat and enjoyed by both young and old. I have been planning to make this meal since I got introduced to it by my Hausa friend (Tabitha). But, I didn’t get to make it until I met another Hausa lady ( the lady who gave me masara recipe) recently again.

Miyan Taushe is a tasty soup with a distinctive aroma which is a must-try for everyone.
So, here it is.

I’m trying my hands on it today, and I realized Nigeria is blessed with different rich and delicious meal. Miyan taushe is a very delicious meal, almost like the Hausa Miyan Zogale but with a slightly different taste. The combination of the pumpkin with the blended peanut is simply unbeliveable. you have got to try it to know the difference.Like I said earlier, it’s a must try for everyone. So, with my years of cooking soup, I must confess that this miyan taushe has hit the top 5 on my list of Nigerian soups. We have quite a few of Hausa food recipe uploaded for you on the blog already. Miyan zogale, miyan wake, masa, patemasara, miyan kubewa (dried okra soup) moringa salad (kwadon). As I write this, I realized the Nigerian northerners like infusing nuts into their food, because if you go through these highlighted recipes, you will notice some made with nuts

So let us cook…
Note.. look forward to my Miyan kuka ( a perfect replica to my native soup luru)

Ingredients for Miyan Taushe (Nigerian Pumpkin Soup)

miyan taushe ingredients

This recipe is for 6 servings
– 1 small sized ripe Pumpkin
– 1-kilo Meat of Choice (beef, cow feet, goat meat, soft cow bones,)
– 1 small bunch Yakwa(yakuwa)(sorrel leaves)( I used ugwu, pumpkin leaves as a substitute)
– 3 medium Tomato
– 4 scotch bonnet(rodo)
– 2 Tatashe (red bell pepper)
– 1 medium-sized onion bulb
– 150gram(1 cup) roasted Groundnut
– Half cup Crayfish
– 2 tablespoon ground Locust Beans (ogiri, iru or dawadawa)
– 1 Cooking spoon Palm Oil or Vegetable oil
– 1 seasoning cube/Stock cubes (to taste)
– Salt to taste

Method of Preparation

Getting started…
– Wash and cut the pumpkin, peel off the outer skin, scrape out the hairy pulp and the seeds. Then cut the pumpkin meat into small chunks
(don’t throw away the seeds, it can be toasted and eaten as a snack).
– Wash and chop the vegetables and set aside
–.Blend the groundnut and crayfish to get a smooth thick paste. Dissolve with a little water or meat stock and set aside.
– Blend the tomatoes, fresh pepper, tatashe and onions, then pour into a pot to dry out excess water in the blended paste and set aside.

How to cook the Miyan Taushe (Nigerian Pumpkin Soup)

1. Place the washed meat into a pot along with the pumpkin chunks, season with onions, 1 stock cube and a little salt. Leave to boil in its juice for 5 minutes, then add a little water and cook until the meat is tender.
Mash the softened pumpkin coarsely in the meat pot.

2. Then add the dissolved groundnut paste into the meat pot; allow simmering for a few minutes before adding the pepper paste, the dried fish, and the palm oil. Mix thoroughly.

3. Also, add the locust beans(Dawa Dawa, ogiri or iru), taste for salt and seasoning and add if necessary.
Mix thoroughly and leave to boil for 15 minutes on medium heat, stirring constantly to prevent burning at the bottom.
Note: If the soup is too thick, you can add a little water to lighten the soup, but it shouldn’t be watery.

4. Finally add the chopped vegetables, simmer for 3 to 5 minutes and put off the heat. Stir well and serve hot with your best swallow
Served mine with garri, eba

We will await your feedback on this or any other northern soup recipe. Do leave your thoughts here or send us a northerner recipe you will love to see on the blog through our email cookwithkemi@gmail.com
So, if you are a Northerner and you have a killer way of preparing this recipe, do tell by leaving your comment at the comment section
And for the non- northerners I hope you will try out these new recipes. Yes, pumpkin is uncommon especially in Western Nigeria but you can get in a ‘Shoprite’ outlets across the country. Got mine there
Until my next recipe, stay happy, try out our recipes, share and like them while always remembering to cook with a large dose of love

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