Oil-less Okro Soup Recipe

oil-less okro soup

Hello foodie clan, welcome to another exciting food venture. When you think about all this ‘fitfam’ rave around the world now, you might get to wonder, ‘ so what do we eat?’. Recently, a group of food scientist form the USA came to my place of worship, saying that most diseases can be warded off if we actually learn how to eat right. They spoke about the timing to eating and what and how to eat at specific time of the day. She says and I quote…’ if you don’t learn how to eat right, you learn how to use drugs to make your health right’ so which are we going for, foodie clan? Did I hear you say, eat right? Yessss!

So today, we will be removing one major ingredient in our Nigerian soup which is, palm oil. As you well know, palm oil is plant based and the cholesterol level cannot be compare to the others, but still the amount of concentration of oil in human body need to be controlled. So we are going oil-less today and adding some herbs and spices to our okro soup

I will be making use of efirin( which incidentally has become my love in most Nigerian soups)and uziza seed( spicy and full of flavor)

So today, join me on my oiless okro journey! Lol!. Do you know you can also make oil less efo riro? Check my recipe for oil-less efo riro here

Do you know what I like most about this soup also? You can pour all ingredients into the pot and just allow cooking

So let us cook…

Method Of Making Oil-Less okro soup

Plate a clean pot on the heat, Pour in 2 cups of water, well-cooked chicken, little chicken stock, peppers, uziza seed, negro pepper and the roasted shrimps. Allow boiling.

After 5 mins, add the chopped okro, stir, taste and adjust seasoning.

Lastly, add the efirin to the soup. Allow it to cook for a while about another 3 minutes.

Voila you have your okro soup in less than 15 mins

Serve with eba(garri) or semolina


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