Sweet potato salad

potato salad

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I was planning some ramadan kareem meal for our radio show when this idea hit my mind. Potato salad is one of the most refresheing meal you willl ever taste, so delicious and a deviate from the usual fruit or vegetable salad that is mostly found in our nigerian parties.
You definitely need to try it. I added a little black pepper to it , just to spice up its taste, i hope you will enjoy making this as I did.
Be sure to leave me comment on this, if you have ever made this before or you are insprired to try out this recipe.

Ingredient Of Potato Salad

1) 4 medium-sized sweet Potato/ 1kilo Irish potatoes
2) Cucumber
3) Carrot
4) Spring onions
5) mayonaise Cream
6) 4 hard boiled eggs
7)1 teaspoon of black pepper
8)a pinch of salt,
9) Grilled fish, chicken or bacon

Method of preparation

Getting started…
  • ¬†Prepare all the vegetables by washing them thoroughly
  • Neatly peel the potatoes and chop them into cubes, chop the carrot into cubes too then add this into a clean pot and add in just enough water to cover the carrots. Allow to cook for about five minutes only,then add the cubed potatoes, cook all togethar until soft. not more than 5 minutes more because you do not want overly cooked potatoes else it turns out soggy
  • Once cooked, drain and set aside to cool then pour this into a salad bowl
  • ¬†Mix the mayonaise and the black pepper with a pinch of salt to form the dressing
  • Also add in the chopped cucumbers and spring onions into the salad bowl, mix, then add the dressing thoroughly combine so that the salad get coated with the dressing
  • Refrigerate and serve cold or serve immediately
  • So yum yum!!! Serve it alone or with any grilled meats or fish of your choice.
  • Enjoy!
Till my next recipe, keep adding a large dose of love into your cooking pot. And to my muslim sisters and brothers, I hope this helps.

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