The Nigerian Peppersoup Spices

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Hmmm! Thank God for my wonderful mother in law, she was the one that actually introduced me to the Nigerian peppersoup spices, and she usually spoils me with a lot of its provision.

See below the names of the Nigerian peppersoup spices

1.calabash nutmeg or kposa as its fondly called by both my mother-in-law and her son. it is a podlike spice that can be used not only in pepper soup but also in some other dish of preference. Its pod is broken revealing its brownish seed which is lightly roasted in a dry fry pan or on a hot plate until it brings out its lovely aroma.


2. Alligator pepper is a podlike nut that houses small black pepper. Its flavour does not come out except you pound its case and bring out its seeds.


3. Negro pepper/grains of Selim or ‘Eeru’ as called by the Yorubas in western Nigeria..its an aromatic spice which lends itself in part to the flavour of the pepper soup. With or without roasting it, it’s smell is aromatic. Lightly pound these and roast on a hot plate and set aside

4. Gbafilo as called by the itsekiri tribe from southern Nigeria. Is also a very lovely spice encase in a shell. Break open its shell to bring out its seed which will also be roasted on a hot plate.


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My Recipe

Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time:


  • 8 barks or skin of negro pepper
  • 4 seeds of calabash nuts
  • 1 tbsp of Alligator pepper
  • 2 seed of gbafilo


  1. combine the above ingredients in a good blender or a spice mill and blend into a fine powder


You can add a little dried ginger to the mix though

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