Tigernut Milk Recipe- How To Make Nigerian kunun Aya

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Hello cookwithkemi foodie clan, I taught on the making of Tigernut milk and its various benefits yesterday ON OUR WEEKLY RADIO SHOW and I realized that I have had the draft of this recipe lying somewhere on my laptop. So, I woke up today to quickly refine it and upload for your knowledge. I hope you will enjoy learning here.

Tigernut Milk which is known as kunun Aya, is of a northern Nigeria origin. Although some other part of the world has their own variations to the drink.

Tigernut, popularly called ‘ofio,’ in ‘Yoruba’, -A Western Nigeria dialect, is also known as Hausa groundnut. It is a delicious plant-based snack, that is very rich in potassium, calcium and can be enjoyed by all.

Tiger nut can be made into a drink on its own without the addition of artificial sweetener because it is a nut full of fibre and sweetness. But dried/ fresh dates can be used as a sugar-free way to sweeten the milk. I have heard that adding date and coconut into tiger nut makes it an aphrodisiac, If you try the combination for this purpose and it happens to be true, please let a sister know.lol

I have got an article on the amazing health benefit of these nuts, you may read here.

So let’s get to the making of the drink…

You will need
A cup of tiger nut
6- 8 pieces of dates+
Coconut- I small one
4cups of water

Method of preparing the Nigerian Tigernut milk

  • Break the coconut, scoop out the flesh and grate. Set aside
  • Wash the date, break and remove the seed. Set aside
  • Wash the Tigernuts, add it into a blender with the coconut and the deseeded dates. Add water and blend

Cookwithkemihint.. what I do here is divide the ingredient into batches and blend in batches. It eases the workload on the blender

  • When you have succeeded in blending all ingredients, then you will need to sieve out the shaft. Use a closed mouth sieve to extract the milk finely
  • Place a sieve bag (the same type used for pap) over a large bowl and pour the blended ingredients
    For a further rinse, after the first squeezing out, you may add a little cup of warm water to it and sieve.
  • Put in a jar and refrigdrate. serve chilled.
  • Nut milk has a tendency to coagulate in the fridge, simply shake before each use.
  • Enjoy

Quick Tips

You can also use the pulp to make Tigernut flour.
To do this, preheat oven 70 -80 degrees C. Spread the pulp over a large baking tray and place in the oven
Dehydrate till dry. Mix a few times during the dehydration process and once dry, place in the food processor or the dry part of your blender and pulse until powdered. Store in an airtight container. Use for your baking needs. Like pancakes and cookies.
I have heard it said you can substitute it with fufu powder too, not tried that yet, but if you do, please do let a sister know. Will be waiting for you at the comment section
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