Tuwo Masara- Nigerian Corn Meal recipe

Tuwo Masara (tuwon masara) is a meal indigenous to the Northerners(fulanis &Hausas) in Nigerian and other parts of West Africa.

I love Tuwo Masara because of its high nutitional value and its sweet taste. It is also a good substitite for eba and it can be turned into a crunchy snacks in minute. So it means any left overs do not waste.

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Ingredients for Tuwo Masara

*2 cups corn meal / corn flour (coarse type..not the one for making Pap)

1 cup cassava flour

*2 cups water

Cooking Direction for Tuwon Masara
* Put some water into a small pot and set the boil on medium heat.

*mix the corn meal and cassava flour together in a bowl and add into the boiling water

Stir continuously until you get a thick and stretchy mix..just like Eba, you can add more corn meal if you want it thicker.the mixture is thick and stretchy.

Now add a little hot water, cover the pot, reduce the heat to low and leave for 2 minutes.

* Now mix thoroughly until the Tuwon is smooth… serve hot and ENJOY!

Tuwo masara served with steamed vegetables and buka stew.😋😋 isn’t this yum?

Tuwo masara

Tuwo Masara (Tuwon Masara) can be eaten with any Nigerian soup, such as Ogbono soup, egusi soup, okra soup.okra soup.

sThe Northerners enjoy it with Miyan Wake, Miyan Taushe, Miyan Zogale and many others

Till my next recipe, leave your comments on this .will love to read from you all. Remember to always cook with love.#cookwithkemi#lovecook


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