Waterleaf vegetable soup- gbure eloforo

waterleaf vegetable soup (gbure)

Hello, dear foodie clan!! So I was intrigued to make waterleaf vegetable soup with fried fish sauce last night. Waterleaf is a Yoruba vegetable soup with Abeokuta (Ogun state) origin. It is known as gbure in Yoruba, mgbolodo in Igbo and ebe-dondon in Edo. You will be amazed at how nutritious this leaf is. Do you know that regular consumption has a good effect on cognitive skills or that it improves the flow of blood and strengthens brain muscles and tissue? Yes, it does and it also helps in the improvement of human brains.

So for our pretty preggy reading this, get in here and read on its further benefits, where you get to learn when and how to use waterleaf

And what more? This is a dish you can cook with less than a thousand naira(#1000, about $3).it is categorize under budget meal and we are right in its season!!! the middle of August. So let’s get cooking…

 So the basic keys to  cooking waterleaf vegtable soup?

·        Make sure the pepper sauce is well fried before adding the waterleaf

·        Make sure the washed waterleaf is well-drained before adding to your sauce

·        Make sure your fried sauce is a bit spicy because of the watery, soft texture of the leaf


A bunch waterleaf

Preferred meat choice

Ponmo(cow skin)- nicely chopped (optional)

1 small onion – chopped

¼ cup of palm oil

1 smoked fish

Pepper mix( bell pepper, scotch bonnet, chilli )

1 Tomato

Iru -1 wrap or a tablespoon

Grounded crayfish 2 tablespoon

Salt to taste and seasoning cubes

Getting started…

·        Season the meat with salt, seasoning cube, squash of garlic and ginger. Boil until soft. set aside

·        Wash the smoked /dried fish with warm water and break into pieces

·        Blend the pepper with the tomato coarsely

·        Pick the gbure (waterleaf) from its stalk and slice

How to make waterleaf vegetable soup

  • Place a clean dry pot on the heat, add palm oil, allow heating up for a minute, then add the chopped onions
  • Fry until translucent, add iru, fry for another 30 seconds before adding the blended pepper
  • Add crayfish, seasoning cube, smoked fish, chopped ponmo, meat, and allow all to fry until the sauce fluid is all dried up
  • waterleaf vegetable fried sauce
  • Lastly, add the waterleaf into the sauce, stir and cover

Cookwithkemi hints: here, I cover to allow the waterleaf steam with the sauce.

  • After about 2 minutes, uncover the pot, taste for salt, and adjust adequately. Note, your meat is already well- seasoned and there has been an addition of crayfish to the sauce, so it requires minimal salt
  • Allow cooking uncovered for the next 5 minutes
  • Then it is done! Serve with any swallow of choice

waterleaf vegetable soup (gbure)

  • Can also be eaten with white fluffy rice
  • Enjoy! Bon appetite!

Till my next recipe, I hope you get to replicate my waterleaf vegetable soup and send us a picture on Instagram by simply hashtagging us @cookwithkemi or hashtag #cookwithkemi.

Looking forward to your beautiful creation. Thank you



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