Worowo Soup – Yoruba Vegetable Soup

worowo soup with smoked turkey

Hello foodie clan…what I have for you today is worth the wait. I have been meaning to make this worowo vegetable soup since ages, but I couldn’t find the leaves. But here comes August with the arrival of new yam and wororo. This vegetable is an origin of Ekiti state and loved by all yorubas. It is best eaten with pounded yam.

Just last week, I went to visit a friend whose kid was clocking 8 which coincidentally clashed with a family wedding, so the whole family came from all over the country. We had a full house with different food to eat. Lol… well, you should trust me, beaing a correct foodie, I tasted all. We had potato salad, we had peanut soup ( this version im yet to do, the aunties added garden eggs , which is something you should try too) and of course I got introduced to worowo soup. Was so excited to see the leaf because it had been on my mind to serve you with this particular soup . So, here it is…

wororo leaf

worowo leaf: photo credit @kitchen Butterfly

Benefits of the Worowo leaf

The Botanical name for this leaf is Solanecio Biafrae..  the leaves extract is commonly used for medicinal purposes to stop bleeding from cuts and injuries; as well as a treatment of sore eyes. It is also said that the leaf  can be use to treat cough, rheumatic pains and heart troubles. The Yoruba culture also believes that the leaf can be used to ward off smallpox; Source – Scrumptious Bites

Its stems are somewhat long and it reminds me of ‘efo amunututu’. Another yoruba vegetable that is delicious and medicinal too. Will write about this soon too. watch out!

Another interesting fact I needed to introduce you to is that, I added the remaining leaves in my yam porridge the following day, and it gave my porridge a distinctively sweet taste almost like when you have your ugu addition to porridge

So let us cook…

Ingredients Of My Worowo Soup

3 handful worowo Leaf- about a bunch



Dried fish or smoked turkey – I used smoked turkey

1 tablespoon of crayfish

1 tablespoon / a small wrap of iru(locust beans

Pepper mix (tomatoes,red bell peppers and scotch bonnet)

Palm oil -2 cooking spoons

Method of Cooking Worowo Soup

  1. Wash,season and cook the meat until soft
  2. At the last 5 minutes of its cooking , add the ponmo and dried fish. allow to boil and put off the heat
  3. Place a clean dry pot on heat, add palm oil, allow heating up for a minute, then add diced onion, fry until fragrance before adding the locust beans
  4. Next, add the pepper, seasoning cube, allow frying for about 5 minutes, then add the meat, fish, ponmo, crayfish and stir well together, cover the pot to allow the pepper to absorb the flavour of the meat and all.. for about 2-3 minute
  5. Unvover the pot, then add the washed worowo leaf
  6. Taste for the seasoning , salt if need be or simply add the meat stock
  7. Let it simmer on low heat for about 3 minutes, then viola! food is ready!
Worowo soup is best eaten with pounded yam
So, go make yours and let us in on its’ outcome. until my next recipe, remember to always cook with a large dose of love and subscribe to this blog to follow us on our latest happening on the blog. Thank you

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